Enjoy Outdoor Activities in Luzerne County

In a few months, we will be able to enjoy Pennsylvania’s beautiful scenery again, and in particular the beautiful nature of Luzerne County. Winter activities are also possible. Here are a few suggestions for making an enjoyable day and enjoy outdoor activities in Luzerne County.

Hickory Run State Park

Hickory Run is a great Pennsylvania State Park that offers many camping options. The park provides a lot of camping space for tents, cabins, and RV’s. It has several hiking trails and a nice swimming area that includes bathrooms, changing rooms, and a snack shop.

You should also check out the park’s Boulder Field when you visit this very family-friendly place to escape your usual business life and enjoy this awesome outdoor area.

After a short walk, you can discover the wonderful Hawk Falls, and if you take some time to go a little further down the beautiful trail, you can discover a wonderfully secluded river passing.

Maybe not the most feasible place for children to get into the water, but adults have a great chance to enjoy refreshingly cold water on a hot summer’s day. Luzerne County is a great place to do business and after a long day, what could be more enjoyable than hitting the cold waters of Hawk Falls?

Hickory Run’s trails are easy to follow and well marked. Most trails are pretty short day hikes, but you can just keep going from one trail to another. Just stop by the park’s office to get a map, or use an app to find out about the trails’ difficulty levels and lengths.

The park’s waterfalls are breathtaking, and when you check out the camping grounds you are likely to come back for more. People with an appreciation of nature will definitely love the park, but please be careful when you walk on the rocks as this could cause some danger, and watch out for black rattlesnake as well!

Seven Tubs Nature Area

Come and enjoy the beauty of the Seven Tubs Natural Area near Wilkes-Barre. The area offers various hiking trails that take you along the seven tubs and lead you through the beautiful woods.

The area boasts quite a few pretty waterfalls that create the tubs. On a hot summer’s day, the water can be very refreshing and nice, a great experience.

Through the centuries, erosion caused by retreating glaciers has created these seven beautiful and highly interesting pools. Many glaciated regions feature these sorts of tub pools and in several of these locations, rocks became like stone cannonballs due to the constantly swirling water.

Seven Tubs is a truly stunning area that will thrill all ages. The area’s beauty and running water are breathtaking and there are several trails that are easy to walk and offer great options to enjoy nature and relax. Luzerne County Community College information can be found here.

Beware that there is no guidance and no maps. You are on your own, but you can easily check out the marked trails. When you have crossed a wooden bridge you will notice a yellow and a blue trail. When you choose to take the yellow trail you will get to the tubs in merely 5 minutes. If you’re already planning some fall activities, check out this post.

This way you won’t need to do any sort of real hiking, you will be led directly to the tubs. If you decide to take the blue option, you will enjoy a pretty nice walk alongside the water. It will eventually take you back to the yellow track. This way you will get also to the pools, but only after a hike of 2 miles. Highly recommended.

Frances Slocum State Park

For outdoor activities, Frances Slocum State Park is a great destination. The park has a lot to offer, really something for everyone in the family. You can go boating if you bring your own boat, but rentals are also available. The park offers many acres of hiking, camping, and fishing possibilities, as well as picnic areas, a small playground, and a nice swimming pool at a small fee ($5).

Frances Slocum State Park is a great place to visit If you love the outdoors and want to enjoy local wild nature. This is a gorgeous state park if you love hiking. There are multiple trails that vary in difficulty level and length, and you can go kayaking or fishing on the lake.

The park provides many beautiful spots for picnicking, and swimming in the pool is fantastic, though not free. The park is generally not very crowded and boasts a beautiful playground for your kids, and you can go fishing or boating. Parking at the park is no problem at all, there is ample parking. It is really worth a discovery tour and the views of the surrounding mountains are gorgeous.

The park is perfectly suited for a weekend escape and offers a lot of wildlife. The lake is really tranquil and very relaxing, and the paddle boat rental offers a pretty nice and inexpensive experience. The park’s many hiking trails and picnic pavilions allow for great outdoor activities. See also this post that highlights some more interesting places in Luzerne County. 

Bike Trails (Pocono Bike Rental)

Many people who rent bikes at Pocono Bike Rental have a great experience. The bikes are well-maintained and the owner is a really nice guy. He comes with nice suggestions to take specific routes depending on your conditions. This way, everybody can enjoy fantastic adventures.

Most of the bike shop’s renters are returning visitors, and they really value the shuttle that takes you all the way up the mountains to enjoy the magnificent views. Take the bike trails and relax every 10, 20 miles or so, just enjoy them at your own pace.

The bike shop is great, and if a bike malfunctions, the staff is always very accommodating and offers refund and coupons for some other attractions in the area. Renting a bike is a very convenient and affordable option to explore the region.

The bikes Pocono Bike Rental is renting out are pretty basic models, nothing fancy, but they are perfect for the nearby biking trails. You can use shuttle service for transportation of you and your bikes to the Rockport State Park, From there you can take the 15-mile bike trail that takes you from Rockport all the way to Jim Thorpe.

The bike shop’s staff are friendly and professional and take the time to answer all of your questions. The $20 a person rental fee includes the 15-minute shuttle ride and bike haul. Parking your car is easily done in the parking lot across the street for $6 for the entire day.