Interesting Places to Visit in Luzerne County

Historical Brainerd Church & Cemetery

This brick church was constructed in 1851 (some say 1841) and is a significant example of Greek Revival architecture.
Twice a year, a service is held at the Historical Brainerd Church and the church is also available for tours but only by appointment. Adjacent to the pretty church is also a refurbished 1-room schoolhouse. The church is located just off Route 93 in Sybertsville, PA 18251, Phone: (570) 788-3244

Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour

The Lackawanna tour takes you some 300 feet beneath the Pennsylvania earth where you can explore the abandoned mine. Here you can learn how the miners had to work hard to harvest coal. These “black diamonds” were actually fueling the American Industrial Revolution. The Lackawanna Coal Mine (a retired coal mine) is an interesting museum located in Scranton’s McDade Park. Visitors will board a mine car to descend into the Clark Coal Vein. Visiting the Lackawanna Coal Mine is a highly interesting learning experience. You cam first hand how hard the miners had to work in order to be able to support and feed their families.
McDade Park, Scranton, PA 18504, Phone: (800) 238-7245

Lackawanna Heritage Valley National & State Heritage Area

The Lackawanna Heritage Valley National & State Heritage Area is run by the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority. This is a partnership of business, government, civic organizations, and several individuals. The Authority is set up to develop the area’s historic, natural, cultural, and economic resources through education and preservation and promotion of this rich heritage. The Lackawanna River Heritage Trail is part of a 70-mile long multi-purpose trail along the Lackawanna River. The trail starts out at the confluence of the Susquehanna and Lackawanna Rivers in Pittston and from it goes north to connect with another trail, the Delaware and Hudson Rail Trail. Click here for more historically interesting places. 
213 S 7th Avenue, Scranton, PA 18505, Phone: (570) 963-6730 ext. 8200

Lattimer Massacre Memorial

This memorial boulder is considered an important, but a grim landmark in American labor history. On September 10, 1897, immigrant mining workers staged a protest march over wages and conditions at the Lattimer coal mine. They were met by a posse of sheriff deputies and after the smoke had cleared, it appeared that 19 miners were killed and 38 wounded. Immigrant miners, mostly from East Europe, were assigned the most dangerous and toughest jobs in the mines. The conditions that led to the Lattimer Massacre started with the conditions under which the miners had to work. They had to work 10-hour shifts of mining, day-in-day-out, knowing that they could be crushed anytime beneath Pennsylvania’s earth. Read here about doing business today in Luzerne County.
1897 Miner Labor Strike Memorial, Route 940, Hazleton, PA 18201

Luzerne Civil War Monument

Over 150 years after America’s bloodiest and longest national tragedy started, the Civil War is still of special significance to many Americans’ conscience. This really was among the most fascinating eras in American history, and quite a few of the issues that led to the war are still actual today. The Luzerne Civil War Monument formally began on April 12, 1861, when units of the Confederacy fired on Fort Sumter in Charleston, S.C. which was held by the Union. The Fort Sumter attack came after a confederacy was formed two months before by seven states where slave-holding was still allowed and that had left the Union. The Confederacy was joined by four more states when President Abraham Lincoln ordered Union troops to deal with the rebellion. The Luzerne monument was erected in honor of the unit that was stationed in the area and participated in many Gettysburg battles.
Bennett Street, Luzerne, PA 18709

Luzerne County Historical Society & Research Library

It is Luzerne County Historical Society’s mission to preserve and promote the rich history and interesting heritage of Luzerne County. In 1971, the Society acquired the building that we now know as the Bishop Memorial Library. The building dates back to 1875 and houses also the Society’s offices and the Library’s archives collections. The archives collections include papers, newspaper articles, correspondence, and family trees that the Society has gathered over the years. The collection’s index includes more than 13,000 surnames and encompasses eight filing cabinets. The Society is responsible for a library and a museum to preserve the rich heritage of Luzerne County and its surrounding area.
49 S Franklin Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701, Phone: (570) 823-6244