Luzerne County Intenship Opportunities

Luzerne County is not only a great place to live, there ara also many professional. Luzerne County is also wonderful to work and pay a visit to. The region has an impressive history, a highly dynamic present, and a wonderfully promising future ahead. Whether you live here or visit the region for the first or the hundredth time, you’ll feel happy here and there are plenty commercial opportunities for businesses and individuals to broaden their horizons.

Living in Luzerne County is wonderful but so is working here. Many businesses are emerging and developing throughout Luzerne County and they provide excellent career options and opportunities in many sectors. In Luzerne County, you can find a broad variety of available positions, and there are also great Internship Programs. Let’s take a closer at Luzerne County’s Internship Program.

The Internship Program is providing undergraduate students who take an interest in the public service sector the opportunity to get educated about and contribute to the local government organization while at the same time gaining a great real-world experience.

The Luzerne County Internship Program is a ten-week, unpaid program that’s developed to allow students develop their specific interests within the County government. The program also offers them the opportunity to explore and get in touch with all sorts of other facets of County government and how things work.

Internships are offered in several Luzerne County departments, such as Information Technology, 911 Emergency Services, Controller’s Office, Budget & Finance, County Manager’s Office, and several other sectors. All students looking to participate in the Luzerne County Internship Program need to abide by all the regulations and requirements set forth in the County’s policy.

Participants in the Luzerne County Internship program do not get paid. Participants may, however, qualify for academic credit for their internships if they meet their educational institutions’ requirements. All participants will work under the supervision of Luzerne County staff, and experience that’s gained through Luzerne’s Internship Program shall benefit the participant, and all tasks performed by students in the Program need to be in relation to their career interest or formal academic program.

In order to be eligible for the Luzerne County Internship Program, applicants must be signed up as full-time students and be in academical good standing, such to be defined by their schools. Applicants must demonstrate proof of enrollment as well as proof of good standing upon applying for the Internship Program. When they are selected for Luzerne County’s Internship Program, students must also undergo a background check as well as be cleared by Pennsylvania State Police, FBI, and Child Abuse organizations.

Participants in Luzerne County’s Internship Program are required to attend an orientation session in the County’s Department of Human
Resources at Penn Place. All participants need to have completed the required background checks and secure every required clearance before this orientation session. If they haven’t obtained all necessary clearances, chances are they will be dismissed from the County’s Internship Program. At this orientation session, the participating students will receive the appropriate ID badges and need to complete the necessary paperwork as required and determined by Luzerne County. This paperwork may include a Confidentiality Statement, a Liability Waiver, and other documentation that may be required by their respective Departments. During this orientation session, they will also get a complete tour of the Luzerne County Courthouse.