Nothing Makes You Prettier Than Being of Service

As I am still adjusting to my new life in Pennsylvania, one thing has kept my stable; being of service. I have always been drawn to helping other people. Selfishly enough, I tend to get more out of it than the person I am helping.

There is a deep-rooted connection and belonging when I get to be there for someone else. Not in a codependent way, but in a manner that I have a useful trait and I get to share it with another person.

I really believe that getting out of my own head, forgetting about my own problems, help me realize all the good fortune and gifts that I am surrounds by. There is a freedom of letting go of negativity in order to be uplifting for another person.

And how many times have issues been resolved easily once you stop picking and pulling at them? I know if my life, once I stop looking for a solution, it lands at my feet.

But how does this make you gorgeous? The glow, darling. There is an underlining glow the flows through people who are really connected to their purpose in life, and it usually consists of aiding another person and make their surroundings better. Haven’t you always heard, “her personality makes her ugly.” The exact opposite is true as well.

You’re giving, spiritual, vibrant personality can make you prettier. There is a spark that others cannot deny. Once you tap into your main purpose and help others with their own journey, you automatically climb to the next level.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help either. None of us can do this thing called life alone. I require a village just to keep me going. I am not joking. I have friends, mentors, coaches, and whole programs to call upon when I am out of swords for my conquests.

There is no shame for asking for help. In return, you are granting another person the opportunity to get that “glow” and move onward to the next level of their journey. Just remember to give it back as well, so you can have more room to receive the next time.

Slow and steady wins the race

I have admitted this a few times before, that my patience is not my strong point. I would rather jump into a situation and fix it without waiting to see if that was the best possible solution. I don’t like sitting with the uncomfortable feelings. I haatttteee it. And I have done it with nearly everything in my life. Jobs, classes, friendships, you name it, I rather rush than wait.

But then I look around me and see that other people take their time with decisions why can’t I? Why not wait for a situation I am actually excited about rather than chose whatever happens to come my way first. It feels very strange.

How am I practicing that today? Well as I wrote yesterday, I am tired of settling for less when it comes to jobs. So instead of just pick up where I left off back in NY, I am carving out a new way of living. And that means WAITING and TAKING MY TIME when it comes to finding my career. Yes the economy is getting back on track, yes there are more jobs, and yes it is terrifying to think about passing up jobs I am overly qualified for to pursue my dreams. But I only have one life so I figure that outweighs all the above.

In a way, it is kind of like men. The more you hold out on men, and the less you rush into things, the more likely you will choose the best one. In the very least, it is easier to weed out the miserable ones from the uplifting ones.

In the end, it makes a difference to give space and time to decide what is best for you. Meditation, seeing reality for what it is, taking a pause to look at all option might be the better way of doing things. At least it might be a better way to handle situations coming from someone who rushes into everything.