Seven Tubs Natural Area

Would you like to enjoy a little slice of paradise? You can find it in Pennsylvania…Seven Tubs Natural Preserve

If you want to get away from it all, you don’t need to book a flight, pack your suitcase, find a hotel, and head out to another state. Wouldn’t it be fine to get away from all your daily hassle for only a few hours to connect with nature’s pristine beauty and get back home with new inspiration and totally refreshed? Well, you can do exactly that right here in Pennsylvania’s little slice of paradise, the Seven Tubs Natural Preserve.

The Seven Tubs Natural Preserve area is one of the natural wonders that can be found in Pennsylvania. The preserve is located in Wilkes-Barre and draws in countless visitors with its impressive natural beauty. The beautiful seven tubs were shaped by glacial waters that caused the mountain’s bedrock to erode and they are, in fact, gorgeous potholes.

The trail is almost two miles long and when you come walking or hiking, come well-prepared. You really should be wearing walking shoes as several places on the trail can and will be slippery. And also don’t forget to bring bug spray, you may need it badly!

Taking a dip in one of the seven beautiful tubs will definitely cool you down one of Pennsylvania’s hot summer days. When you’re wading in one of the cool tubs, you’ll be able to spot quite a few native birds and enjoy the area’s impressive wildlife that includes foxes, deer, and opossums.

The Seven Tubs Natural Preserve area spans some 500 acres and the area’s central position is taken by Wheelbarrow Run, a beautiful stream that’s running through the seven tubs. You can hike under a natural canopy of lush trees that is protecting you from the heat of Pennsylvania’s summer sun, and you can enjoy your picnic lunch while your legs are dangling in the crisp, clear waters of the tubs.

While you’re exploring the area along the trail, you will discover small waterfalls, quaint bridges, and a historic stone tunnel. Recently, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources took over the Seven Tubs Natural Area Preserve management and now the agency has ambitious plans for improving and upgrading the wonderful natural area.

So treat yourself with a gorgeous day full of easy hikes, fine relaxation, and take a dip into the cool water when you’ll be visiting Pennsylvania’s slice of paradise in the Seven Tubs Natural Area Preserve and when you feel like getting away from it all on another occasion, check out the area that known as “Pennsylvania’s Niagara Falls”.

Pennsylvania’s Niagara Falls – so beautiful

Well, as we all know, a picture can tell more than a thousand words. Of course, our English teachers back in the day would have admonished us for using this old, tired cliché but there are times, just as now, that this cliché is just working very well! Let’s just take a look at Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania’s Niagara Falls. This area in Bushkill is simply too beautiful to describe in words just take a look at this beautiful photo. I’m sure this will convince you to add this amazingly beautiful park to your bucket list. See also this article about Luzerne County, a great Outdoors Destination.

Bushkill Falls is open to visitors year-round with the exception of the period December to Mid-March for seasonal closure. Every day, the park is open from 9 a.m. and closing time will depend on weather conditions and time of the season. Bushkill Falls is a privately-owned and operated park that spans some 300 acres. The park doesn’t receive any public funding and charge modest fees for admission in order to be able to maintain the beautiful park.

There are eight gorgeous waterfalls within Bushkill Falls park and the biggest waterfall drops some 100 feet, and you can make that 300 feet in case the falls are dropping all the way down to the Lower Gorge bottom. Visitors can be trekking the trails that are two miles in total, and they should be prepared to walk across wooden bridges and up and down pretty steep stairs which will give them the best opportunities to enjoy splendid views of the park’s waterfalls.

When you bring your smartphone or camera, you’ll be able to snap the most stunning photos of the area’s beautiful waterfalls and other natural wonders. Be aware, though, that cell phone coverage is practically nonexistent in the park. Fishing in the park is permitted, but visitors are required to first buy a permit. You can bring your pet(s) to Bushkills Falls but you must keep them on a leash and supervise them at all times.

You’ll find plenty of activities at Bushkill Falls park, so this is a great destination for a day or a weekend-long getaway. You can rent a paddle boat, go fishing, try to fine some pretty gemstones, or enjoy a few miniature golf rounds It’s a good idea to visit the History of Bushkill Falls Exhibit, the Pennsylvania Wildlife Exhibit, or the Native American Exhibit which will definitely contribute to a great experience. For things to do in Northeastern Pennsylvania, check out this post.